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How to rename files on android phone

Follow the steps below! to rename files on android
1. look for an app called "FILE MANAGER" in the Google Play Store.

then follow the steps to complete

2. Once found, install to complete, then run the application

rename the photo file
3. After the app starts, it will look like this, then choose a folder, for example you choose the video folder

looks like this
4. After the vidio folder is opened, select again the folder to find your video, for example you choose the camera folder


5. Once the camera folder is opened, then click and hold on the file to be renamed until there is a sign, then click rename

android file

it will appear like this
file manager app download for android

6. then rename the file with the name you want, for example you replace it with the name "funny_videos", then click "OK"

rename apps

then finished, now your file name has changed

android rename file