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How to Create a Website with Blogspot - Start Now

How to Create a Website – The Basics: I'm Rafi Ahmad.. a professional web designer.. ( what is a blog ) - I am writing this to help a large number of people who want to create a website (or blog).. but did not know what to do.. and hopefully can petrify.. Let us start..
what is a domain

The website consists of several types.. depending on the purpose and needs of the owner of the website.. Here are some types of websites:

1. Personal Website / blog

What a personal website or blog??.. The use and purpose of a website depends on the owner of the website.. For personal or private website, typically used for sharing (sharing).. Whether it is to share knowledge and know-how.. experience.. and tips and tricks that are owned. Type a personal website / This usually is a personal blog where most of it is a collection of articles written by his own or another person..

Usually the website owners earn money from ads shown on the website and / or from donations / contributions from visitors to its website.. The owner of the website in addition to display ads on its website.. he also might sell a product / service itself and / or products / services of the other party as a reseller or affiliate..

2. Corporate Website 
What a Corporate Website ??..  A corporate website or corporate site is an informational website operated by a business or other private enterprise such as a charity or nonprofit foundation. (Corporate Website wikipedia)

This website earning revenue from ads shown on the website and / or from donations / contributions from visitors to its website..

And on this occasion I will discuss personal website / blog
How to Start a Blog Easy Free Beginner's Guide for 2016
google products
in fact many service providers blogger, here are some providers blogger..

Below are a collection of blog service providers :

and at this time I would suggest to blogspot/blogger  because with a Google can access directly google-webmaster [to optimize your blog so many visitors].. and with a Google account.. you can directly access other Google products such as:  Google-Domains,  Google-AdSense.. Google-AdWords.. Google-Analytics.. etc [many more]..