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How to Create a Website with Blogspot - Start Now

How to Create a Website – The Basics: I'm Rafi Ahmad.. a professional web designer.. ( what is a blog ) - I am writing this to help a large number of people who want to create a website (or blog).. but did not know what to do.. and hopefully can petrify.. Let us start..

The website consists of several types.. depending on the purpose and needs of the owner of the website.. Here are some types of websites:
1. Personal Website / blog
What a personal website or blog??.. The use and purpose of a website depends on the owner of the website.. For personal or private website, typically used for sharing (sharing).. Whether it is to share knowledge and know-how.. experience.. and tips and tricks that are owned. Type a personal website / This usually is a personal blog where most of it is a collection of articles written by his own or another person..
Usually the website owners earn money from ads shown on the website and / or from donations / contributions from visitors to its website.. The o…