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TVE (Televisi Edukasi) is a television station in Indonesia. The station is specifically intended to disseminate information in the field of education and serve as a learning community.
Edukasi TV LIVE
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TVE diresmikan oleh Bapak Abdul Malik Fadjar Menteri Pendidikan Nasional Republik Indonesia pada tanggal 12 Oktober 2004 yang berada dari Studio TVE di ibu kota negara Indonesia Jakarta untuk meresmikan oleh penandatangani batu prasasti sebagai tanda mengudaranya Televisi Edukasi dan memiliki afiliasi bersama stasiun televisi pendidikan di daerah. Pemilik Televisi Edukasi adalah  Kementerian Pendidikan Nasional Indonesia. Siaran TVE direlai oleh Televisi Republik Indonesia TVRI setiap hari Senin sampai dengan Jumat pada waktu siang sampai dengan sore sekitar pukul 13:00 sampai dengan 15:00 WIB.

TVE didirikan bertujuan untuk memberikan layanan siaran pendidikan berkualitas untuk menunjang tujuan pendidikan nasional. TVE bersasaran Peserta didik dari semua jalur, jenjang, dan jenis pendidikan, praktisi pendidikan, dan masyarakat.TVE mulai mengadakan kompetisi KIHAJAR sejak tahun 2004. Kompetisi ini diadakan bertujuan untuk mencari siswa SMP sederajat yang mempunyai prestasi. Siswa SMP sederajat yang memenangkan kompetisi KIHAJAR akan memperoleh beasiswa sampai S1. Selain untuk SMP, mulai tahun 2011, kompetisi KIHAJAR juga diadakan untuk siswa SD dan SMA sederajat.

TV Online Channel : Animal Planet Live Streaming

Logo Animal Planet baru
Logo Animal Planet

Animal Planet is satellite television network that is 80%-owned by Discovery Communications, Inc.. This particular channel to broadcast programs about the relationship between humans and animals.

On January 1, 1997, Animal Planet distribution grew as a result of the purchase of airtime empty WOR EMI Service by Discovery Communications.

Animal Planet can be caught throughout the United States, and in more than 70 countries around the world. In New Zealand, Animal Planet is broadcast on SKY Network Television.This particular version was made in Canada, India, and other countries.

National Aquarium in Baltimore has a show called Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extreme which opened in late 2005. Animal Planet and the National Aquarium in Baltimore, in 2004 announced a long term partnership that will produce the film which gives visitors the National Aquarium in Baltimore background region Australia. This cooperation is also possible to produce a television program about research and performances at the National Aquarium in Baltimore

How Specification Honda All New Jazz RS 1.5 A / T

New Honda Jazz
New Honda Jazz HARGA : Rp. 234,000,000,- / JABODETABEKSER

Kopling :N/A 
Tipe Transmisi :5 Speed 
Sistem Kemudi :
Kaki kaki
Tipe Rangka :N/A 
Suspensi Depan :MacPherson Struts Type 
Suspensi Belakang :H-Shape Torsion Beam 
Rem Depan :Ventilated Disc brakes 
Rem Belakang :Disc Brakes 
Velg :New Alloy 16'' x 6J 
Ukuran Ban :185/55 R16
Informasi Umum
Merek :Honda 
Model :All New Jazz 
Tipe :RS 1.5 A/T 
Pintu :
Tahun Produksi :2013 
Negara Pembuat :Jepang 
Jenis Produksi :CKD 

Panjang :3920 mm 
Lebar :1695 mm 
Tinggi :1525 mm 
Jarak Sumbu Roda :2500 mm 
Jarak Pijak Depan :1475 mm 
Jarak Pijak Belakang :1460 mm 
Jarak Terendah ke Tanah :N/A mm 
Radius Putar :4.9 m 
Berat Kosong :N/A kg

Keamanan - Kelengkapan
Sabuk keselamatan Depan 3 Point ELR x2 
Sabuk Keselamatan Belakang 3 Point ELR x2 + 2 Point ELR x1

Interior - Exterior
LED High Mount Stop Lamp 
New Smoke LED Rear Combination Lamp 
Body Colour (with Turning signal) Door Mirror 
Body Colour Door Handle 
Hexagonale + RS Emblem Front Grille 
New 6.1 inch Touchscreen Monitor - Double DIN AM/FM, Single Disc, MP3/WMA, DVD &VCD Player + USB + Aux Input (Compatible for Iphone, Ipod & Blackberry)
Jenis/ Tipe Mesin :1.5L SOHC, 4 Silinder Segaris, 16 Katup i-VTEC + DBW + Torque Boost Resonator 
Kapasitas Silinder :1497 cc 
Daya Maksimum :88/6600 Kw/rpm 
Torsi Maksimum :145/4800 Nm/rpm 
Perbandingan Kompresi :10,4 : 1 
Sistem Pembakaran :PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) 
Bahan Bakar :Gasoline 
Kapasitas Bahan Bakar :42

Binoculars Annual Zodiac And Prosperity Fengshui 2014

Annual Zodiac 2014

Greetings my friend ... This time Dede wrote an article about the Zodiac & Fengshui 2014 taken from the info that goes into the phone Dede.
♡ Happy reading buddy. ♥

Horses have a career and financial prospects are good this year. Relationships with relatives who made ​​major, because without them, progress can be unhappiness. Social networks also should receive extra attention, because this is where the horse can gain support for career advancement.
Career: Progress and promotions front of the eye. Faced with humility and without excessive celebration.
Asmara: Increase social life to get more friends.
Health: T'ai Sui indicates excessive stress, because it needs to balance the work and rest time.
Financial: Very nice, use this opportunity to widen the financial portfolio.

Good year once like goats to achieve career advancement. Goats should keep this relationship as well as possible and listen to the valuable inputs which when used can multiply prosperity. Sharpen and improve the way we communicate, so the feeling is gone.
Career: Recognition of achievement progress that could boost the position or positions.
Love: For those who intend to get married should be done this year.
Health: Consider the water intake so that blood and kidney health is maintained.
Finance: It's time to invest as much as possible, because the goats have a very good opportunity to earn huge profits.

For both monkeys in a career opportunity and will attract a lot of new projects and of course accompanied by the longer working hours and tiring. However this is not accompanied by increased prosperity. All you need do is you should always focus on the job at hand and finish with favorable, increase positive thinking and patience.
Career: Career will increase, especially for those who are in a job that requires a business trip.
Asmara: Deal with all the problems of relations with kindness too cool head.
Health: In general you could say well, just need a balance between work schedules that the longer the rest period is necessary so that more balanced.
Finance: For Monkey should make a thorough financial plan and avoid unnecessary purchases.

Become a major topic of floral romance part of this year. Coupled with the increasing popularity of sincere help from people nearby. However, the increasing popularity can be accompanied by discomfort some work colleagues or friends. The key is to avoid gossip with a better way of communicating with other workers.
Career: Ignored gossip that could hinder career advancement. Also indicate that Chicken had charisma communication.
Asmara: Avoid negative issues about the couple. When singletons are most likely to get a mate.
Health: decreased endurance, can cause illness repeatedly, lifestyle must be changed to be more healthy.
Finance: Do not pay the debt, because the money likely will not be back, or even more so the law can be complicated.

Expertise for Dogs will be growing. Especially for those who work in the academic field. Perhaps one should look out for is very involved with the tendency of legal issues. Good mediation is necessary in order not to get to the green table.
Career: Dogs are progressing career is getting support from the people around him and showed an increase in expertise, the better.
Asmara: The relationship between the couple very well, the way it can be made better with activity and creativity together.
Health: Take time for meditation or yoga, so that the mind is not too tired, and so keep a sharp focus on the job.
Financial: To be avoided investment too risky.

Once past years not much benefit, Pigs can enjoy the fresh breeze and lots of happiness that came in this year on the social networking aspect, jobs, and prosperity.Pigs will be met with many wise people who give advice that could help grade quality through smoothly this year.
Career: You could say smoothly.
Asmara: charisma that makes pigs more and more popular among social networking. Use this opportunity to gain more friends.
Health: There needs to be a relaxation in busy schedules, to restore freshness.
Finance: good, with little possibility of loss is not very meaningful.

2014 is not the year that provide the same for mice. Many people in the workplace or home, can lead to discouragement and frustration. So keep a good relationship with family members and friends. It should also keep the mind and mentally to keep it positive. Time to make a change for the better in the next year.
Career: For the workers, job performance can be intercepted by a co-worker. Business owners are encouraged to resist the expansion of its business and pay attention to daily operations.
Asmara: Thin once the possibility of getting a new friend let alone the prospect of the pair.
Health: Beware of health bloodstream, abdomen, and urinary tract.
Finance: Reduce spending and do not take a high risk investment.

This year, Buffalo might be having and the smooth progress in the work and effort. Who need to be aware that the presence of the people who envy the achievement of Buffalo. Face it with patience and good communication techniques as well to avoid disputes which only exacerbates the situation.
Career possibilities for increased promotion, and for employers is smooth and good years to improve the financial condition after a period in the doldrums last year.
Asmara: Good news for those who are single because of course will find a lot of prospect potential mate.
Health: Consider the health of the stomach that can interfere with the smooth career and business.
Finance: Beware of investments that sound too good to be done, it could be it is just a gimmick that offer it.

Possible Tigers will pass full year conflict and a stumbling block. Keep in mind that the family who could assist in encouraging.Cultivate patience properties with more proactive in the field of business. Despite many obstacles, and emotional irritability, remain patient.
Career: Examine all documentation before signing it, so dismissing the possibility of parting with a partner.
Asmara: The single will find himself surrounded by a lot of prospect road lover. For those who are ready to get married, should be done this year.
Health: For lovers of heavy loads, should be cautious in order to avoid injury to the waist and back.
Finance: Do not briskly in making an investment decision. Gather all the facts first, before OK agreed solicitation cooperation.

large fortune may be in favor of the rabbits in this year. Highly recommended to continue all plans delayed because it is difficult to deter rabbits step forward. Year of the Horse brings many blessings, the full support of the people around, and fortune in almost all areas of life.
Career: Go forward, never backward.
Love: For the single is the ideal time to bring all prospective couples to the altar.
Health: Stay maintain a balance between work, rest, intake of sufficient physical and mental.
Financial: Abundant Blessings do not make the bunny to be lazy. Cheer

Dragon still get a lot of help from the people around, the origin of the Dragon while maintaining good relationships and communication. Do not be discouraged if there is a failed project. Still eager to maintain a positive outlook for the problem, and make it a valuable lesson.
Career: There are no career advancement, efforts are also on the graph horizontally. Collect the advice of the people trust.
Love: To avoid disagreements, communication needs to be improved in order to dispel the possibility of domestic dispute.
Health: Beware of driving, stay away from the use of sharp objects, and if possible do not need to visit the sick contagious.
Finance: The stability of income must be accompanied by patience in investing.

Snake will have a good chance at a career in this field. However, it should be aware of the health problems in reducing its performance. Snakes need to focus on family life. Stay away from contention, no need to ignite the slightest negative issues and improve tolerance to the couple.
Career: Improve career also means increased responsibility.
Love: For singles, social activities will help to increase the popularity of snake in getting more comrades.
Health: Energy fire causing too much disruption to the eyes, heart and blood flow.
Finance: Unstable income should be followed by suppression costs..
/ / / / / Maybe so from Dede (my name) to Binoculars Annual Zodiac 2014 and we continue to Fengshui Prosperity 2014.
The flow of Qi in the house, along with the ever-changing times, also have dynamics that we need to observe and anticipation, so that the potential bad events can be reduced and an abundance of sustenance more smoothly. The following is the recommended treatment of Fengshui in 2014 by the direction toward home or building:

T'ai Sui intersects with the building renovations this should not be done because it will cause a lot of negative events for building occupants. Fengshui Tips for single, add some potted plants at the front of the house to increase the passion of romance.

(Star 7) potentially interesting robbery and fire. Replace it with a stronger lock.

(Stars 2) is a type of Qi that can carry serious diseases. Metal goods should be placed in this sector to help reduce the effect of which is not good for health, especially if the building is also occupied by the elderly.

(Stars 3) indicates a dispute between members of the household. Starring Qi is the wood element, so as to weaken the ability to invite negative thoughts, the object is to put the valuable element of fire.

Annual T'ai Sui was in the south, making some projects work uninterrupted. The key is the minimum condition that there is no activity sector, this includes using another door that was not in the South sector.

(Stars 1) situated in this direction, stimulating learning achievement for residents who are still attending school. In addition, the entrepreneurs can expand their business with the help of one's positive energy.

(Star 6) which is also the prosperity and improvement of positions occupied West sector this year. Residents will experience an increase in the form of career promotion. Stars 6 also support those who are engaged in military, surgeon, medical equipment sellers, leasing heavy equipment and work or effort metallic element belonging to the other.

(Stars 5) is the energy that brings misfortune in all areas.Also the relationship is not harmonious could happen, it is therefore necessary to add elements of Fengshui treatment of metals like white color on the wall, or displaying a collection of trophies are made ​​of metal, to weaken the ground energy.


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download Youtube Video File Formats
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How To Download YouTube Videos - quite simple

How To Download YouTube Videos
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How Quickly That Google Indexed Articles

How to Get Google to Index Your New Website & Blog Quickly
Index Your New Blog
Seo off page optimization, this is one way that I know to blog seo .
without actually doing it too, we can be indexed by article search engines especially Google. However, takes 2 to 3 days. (Quite old)
Then suggest using this technique to speed up the search engines to index.

Submit url to google.
This method is the easiest way, Google actually provide this service for the new beginner create a blog, that blog immediately get a response from google.
But we can use this method to submit our url, so immediately indexed by Google in mere seconds.
It's easy man.
First go to service the webmaster Tool - Crawl URLs. If you are not logged into google first then loggin.

After a successful login,
So read carefully the text below: "Google adds new sites to our index, and update existing ones, each time we crawl the web. If you have a new URL, please let us know about it here. We do not add all URLs delivered to our index, and we can not predict or guarantee when or whether the URL that is sent will appear in our index. "
That's about Google say. Article can not give assurance entered into their index.

Enter Url buddy there. Then enter the code shown. and click the send request button. after successful, then there will be a yellow backgroun notification. But if it fails will be red, if it fails try again buddy.
After this step, often frequent ping,
What is a ping?
Ping similar to pink :) ... Ping is like a letter to the search engines, if later search engines will soon receive a letter in the execution of your blog by Search Engine ..
Ping can site, or can be directly to

If mypagerank site, just ask to enter the blog title, blog url / post url, enter the code that is listed, then select the check, (let reload) reload is complete, scroll down and click the button, "ping site updates"

What if in googleping? You enter the last link above, then enter the name / title of the blog, the blog "home page" with the content of your blog url / url post, Rss URL (optional) you can fill your blog url, not the url of the article. Plus the "atom.xml". For example this:, then enter your email, make sure the active e-mail will be sent because verification . then code scroll down, then click on each menu (check all).
Popular choices (check all)
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Good ?
If still not understand ask in the comments.
But it can not guarantee pal perched article on page 1 of search, this is only the alternative, which is the most important on page optimization and off page optimization suite, please read my article about the on page optimization and off page for it read well, hopefully can help your problem.
The most important thing in reading, cuman not read the title.
Trimakasih, wasalamualaikum.
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